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what's been happening...

 Visual courtesy of Elena Koskinas

The Federal election is fast approaching with the date set for next Saturday, May 18th.

It's a bit more complicated than this!

The last time we had one of these elections was in 2016, when the Coalition government, headed by Malcolm Turn...

Visual courtesy of Elena Koskinas 

For the past several years, you haven't been able to turn on the news without hearing "housing boom" being mentioned at least once. So what exactly is it, is it still a "boom", and what does it mean for Australia's economy? 

What's the...

A couple of weeks back, the Medical Evacuation Bill, or “Medevac” for short, was passed through the Lower House of Parliament. It marks a massive victory for asylum seekers and those fighting for their rights.

So, what is it exactly, and why was it so contentious? 


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